State Fund Online lets users submit a first report of injury (form 3067, Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury or Illness) via the Internet and provides access to the following:

  • Claims Narrative Report
  • Loss Analysis Report
  • Inventory Report (Opened/Closed and Disability/Non-Disability)
  • Assigned Adjuster Contact Information

State Online Claim Access (SOLCA) lets users review the following claim details:

  • Employee Information
  • Policy Information
  • Injury Information
  • Legal/Subrogation Information
  • Finalization Information
  • Primary Treating Physician Information
  • Estimates
  • Payment History

NOTE: State Fund recommends that all SOLCA users upgrade their Internet browsers to Internet Explorer (IE) version 8 or higher, to access SOLCA and properly view all system features. Current versions of Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Internet browsers also support SOLCA. Users must use a key fob to access the system. The cost of a key fob is $53.

Apply for State Fund Services

  1. Unit manager shall email the request to with the following:
    • Subject: Request for State Fund Online Services (State Fund Online or SOLCA, or State Fund Online and SOLCA)
    • Agency Code (3-digit SCO assigned number)
    • Department name and division name, if applicable
    • User information
      • User name and working title
      • User telephone and email address
      • User physical mailing address (for SOLCA request only)
  2. The user needs a Windows-based PC with Internet access.
  3. State Fund will provide a private token key fob for SOLCA access.
  4. State Fund will provide a start-up package with instructions, including a secure SFO LOGON username, password, and personal identification number (PIN), and a private token key fob (PIN and fob provided for SOLCA access).
  5. State Fund will provide user instructions.
  6. State Fund will issue an invoice for each SOLCA fob issued to the user at $53 each.

For more information or if you encounter issues accessing our online services, please email