All procurement of capital equipment, goods, and services is performed through our Enterprise Procurement Department.

What we Do

The Enterprise Procurement Department is solely responsible for all sourcing and contracting to support our operational needs and strategic objectives. The Enterprise Procurement Manager and their delegated staff are solely authorized to act as our agents in securing contracts and/or purchase orders to procure capital equipment, goods, and services.

The Buying Process

Upon selection, your company information will be placed into our database. Our Category Specialists will contact you when the need arises to purchase your product(s) and/or service(s). We don’t encourage unsolicited calls to any of our offices.

All our purchasing is centralized. No employee outside of the Enterprise Procurement Department can act as one of our authorized agents. All contracts, purchase orders for goods and services, and signatures must come from the Enterprise Procurement Unit, including signatures required for your contracts.

Depending upon the type of goods or services required, our selection process may consist of any of these processes:

  • RFI - Request for Information
  • RFP - Request for Proposal
  • Formal Bid
  • Informal Quote

Contracts are awarded for best value based on a combined analysis of price, compatibility to our requirements, quality, timely delivery and past performance. Awards are final, non-negotiable, and confidential. It’s our policy that we not reveal to a participant why they won or lost a proposal or bid.

After we’ve made a vendor selection, we’ll extend a purchase order and/or contract.

Purchase order or contract numbers are required for all purchases. Invoices without purchase order numbers will be returned to the vendor.

Supplier Policy

When we purchase goods and services:

  • We want to participate in a professional collaboration that creates long-term value for both parties.
  • We want to base our collaboration on confidentiality, trust and mutual interest.

We expect our suppliers to:

  • Maintain confidentiality of information we provide.
  • Advise us of products and process technology alternatives that may improve purchase value.
  • Conduct business ethically, without attempt to influence through gifts, entertainment, or favors that would create a conflict of interest. 

We are committed to maintain high ethical standards for the fair and equitable treatment of our suppliers, providing qualified suppliers with equal opportunities to grow their business through the competitive bid process.

Online Vendor Registration:

To register as a new supplier, please register.