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Your Workers’ Compensation Policy


May 16, 2023


1:00 PM Pacific Time

This webinar is designed with YOU in mind. Our experts will walk you through the life of your workers’ compensation policy, from the information required to price your policy, to billing and payment options, requesting policy changes, and if needed, filing a claim. We’ll also review the services you receive along with your policy, our specialized claims management and industry-leading loss prevention services.

We will cover

  • An overview of your workers’ compensation policy and the coverage it provides
  • The information required to price a new or renewal policy with State Fund
  • A review of your premium quote and what occurs at policy issuance
  • Billing and payment options, and a review of your bill and policy statement
  • Filing a claim
  • Our specialized claims management
  • Our Safety & Health services, free of charge to our policyholders
  • Policy audits and how they’re conducted

This presentation will provide you with valuable information to effectively manage your workers’ compensation program.