We've developed the below resources to  help explain the audit process and answer questions you may have.

A Guide to Premium Audit

We created a Premium Audit Guide, also available in Spanish, to help answer your questions. It also provides a list of some of the records that our auditor will need to complete your audit.

The guide to Premium Audit video will give you an overview of the process, and help you to prepare.

Construction Industry Resources

We also have a Premium Audit Guide-Construction Guide, also available in Spanish.

Our video, How to Prepare for a Construction Industry Audit, provides an overview of the process and tips specific to the construction industry.

More Resources

Would you like to know more? We have a pre-recorded webinar that takes a deeper dive into the audit process and what you can do to make it as smooth as possible.

The WCIRB Learning Center website discusses topics that may pertain to your operations.

We also have a video that goes over preparing for an audit if you’re in the construction industry.