Despite your best efforts to keep employees safe, sometimes accidents happen. When they do, we are here to support you while doing all we can to help the injured worker get back to work. We are continually looking for ways to improve how we approach preventative and restorative care for injured workers.

One of the ways we’ve taken action is by launching an opioid reduction program. Over the last decade, opioid prescriptions and abuse was on the rise, putting injured workers at risk. So we took action by launching a program to encourage physicians to avoid or reduce prescribing opioids, and to educate injured workers about the risks of using opioids to manage pain.

After launching our Opioid Reduction Program, we saw


Our services

We offer a variety of services to ensure the best possible outcome for all injured workers. From a top-notch network of medical providers to caring claim adjusters, we’re with you every step of the way.

  • The State Fund Medical Provider Network (MPN) provides top-notch care to injured workers by medical providers who specialize in treating occupational injuries. Our provider finder makes finding the right doctors in your area easy.
  • A caring and compassionate team of claim adjusters work with the injured worker and ensure they get the treatment they need throughout the life of the claim.
  • Our Major Claims Team provides personal support for workers who have suffered major injuries. They personally work with the injured worker and their loved ones to ensure they get the treatment and support needed during a difficult time.