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A 1923 photo of State Fund San Francisco employees at a company picnic.

Our History

For more than 100 years, we've served California as a strong, stable provider of workers' compensation insurance. Established in 1914 by the state legislature, we're a vital asset to California businesses and employees; our history parallels the dynamic, influential, and innovative history of California itself.

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Picture of the staff of the State Fund office in 1914.

1910s: California adopts the Roseberry Act and the Boynton Act, leading to our creation. We open in 1914 in San Francisco. 

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*Photo taken in 1914 shows State Fund’s original staff.

A newspaper clipping from 1922 about the Argonaut Mine accident.

1920s: We continue to grow, insuring many of California's top employers. The Legislature creates regulatory agencies to help worker safety.

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*Photo of a newspaper report on a fatal mine accident. 

Unemployed man selling apples on the street, circa 1930.

1930s: We survive significant financial challenges during the Great Depression.

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*A street vendor sells apples on the sidewalk during the Great Depression.

Men line up to sign in for rationed gasoline during 1942.

1940s: We weather the war years with management changes, gasoline rationing, and an electricity shortage impacting business.

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*Men line up to sign in for rationed gasoline, crica 1942.

Employees work on the hardware of a room-sized mainframe computer in 1955.

1950s: The post-war economic boom helps spur us to open new offices throughout the state.

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*State Fund employees work on mainframe computers, circa 1955.

People leave a boat during massive flooding on the north coast of California in 1964.

1960s: We move into a larger main office in San Francisco and shift the organization to corporate working titles.

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*Survivors of massive flooding on the north coast leave a row boat, circa 1964.

The 1979 front page story about the active shooter who held a State Fund executive assistant hostage.

1970s: Technology enters more of the day-to-day business processes. Inflation and new state rules create financial challenges for us.

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*Newspaper article about the gunman who held an employee hostage, crica 1979.

A seismic chart recording the strength of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

1980s: Soft tissue claims like carpal tunnel syndrome gain prominence as compensable injuries. We celebrate our 75th anniversary in 1989.

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*A seismic chart of the Loma Prieta Earthquake, circa 1989.

A picture of the outer dome of the California State Capitol building.

1990s: The state enacts open rating, kicking off intense competition among private insurers. An attempt to privatize our organization fails after businesses oppose the plan.

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*California State Capitol Building.

A 2008 view of the State Fund Vacaville campus from the air.

2000s: The state passes reforms to stabilize the workers' compensation insurance industry. We open a new "green" campus in Vacaville.

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*The Vacaville campus from the air, crica 2008.

An image of State Fund's 100th Anniversary logo.

2010s: Major reforms further stabilize the workers' compensation industry. We create an outcomes-based medical provider network and also celebrate our centennial.

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*State Fund centennial logo.