Since 1914, State Fund has provided security and stability to businesses and workers. In our continual pursuit of excellence, State Fund is focused on strengthening corporate governance and enhancing transparency. As part of this process, State Fund implemented the Ethics and Privacy Hotline — a toll-free hotline designed to provide individuals an additional avenue to report ethical or privacy concerns.

Customers, claimants, staff, and our broker partners can contact State Fund’s Ethics and Privacy Hotline either by phone or online from any location they choose, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and remain anonymous:

The Ethics and Privacy Hotline is operated by an independent company that provides confidential and anonymous reporting for companies worldwide through its specially trained representatives.

In addition, the California State Auditor’s Office maintains a whistleblower hotline and an online form to report improper activities concerning any branch of state government. The Whistleblower Hotline, at (800) 952-5665, can be used to report theft, fraud, conflicts of interest, misuse or abuse of state property, gross misconduct, and incompetence or inefficiencies by state employees.

With our Ethics and Privacy Hotline, our customers, partners, and employees can have confidence that State Fund will continue to provide the industry standard in service while upholding the highest ethical practices.