State Fund Online can provide you with up-to-date claim information, help you communicate with our claim adjusters, and more. We’ve provided a quick overview of State Fund Online’s claim features, how to send, receive, and view messages from your adjuster, stay up to date on changes to your claim and more. Watch the video or follow the guide below for step-by-step instructions.


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Logging in to State Fund Online

  1. To get to started, click the LOG IN button on the top right.
  2. Enter your User Name and Password, then click the LOG IN button. Note: If you need to create an account, view How to Register for State Fund Online.
  3. Next, from the claims dashboard, click VIEW A CLAIM.

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    Claim management feature tour

    From the claims dashboard, you can quickly find information on a specific claim by clicking on the ADVANCED SEARCH option and selecting/entering information about the claim(s) you are looking for.

    You can also go directly to a specific claim by entering a claim number and pressing GO.

    To filter your search, click on one of the three tiles at the top of the page. Two of the tiles will display filtered results of your open claims. The third yellow tile will display claims where messages have been sent to or received from State Fund.

    From the SEARCH RESULTS section, you can find information on your claim by clicking on the icons under ACTIONS. There you will be able to view the case plan, claim details, download a PDF, view messages and set event notifications for that specific claim.

    1. Clicking on CLAIMS in the navigation will show you where you can submit a First Report of Injury, View a Claim, view a Loss Analysis report and access the Claims Reporting Kit.
    2. Once you find your claim or list of claims, you'll see on the right-hand side of the page some icons under the ACTIONS section. Here is where you’ll be able to easily access your claims information. By clicking on the icons you can:
      • View your case plan
      • View and download claim details
      • Send and receive messages
      • Adjust your notifications for this claim

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    Sign up for automatic policy event notifications for all claims on your policy

    You can choose to be notified of any updates or changes on any of your claims. You can personalize your settings to receive notifications about things like a change in claim adjuster, when there is a case plan posted, when claim liability status is updated, and more.

    1. To set policy notifications, click the NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS button on the upper right side of your dashboard. You can opt to receive notifications about certain events by checking the individual boxes, or you can SELECT ALL to receive notifications on all actions for all claims on that policy.
    2. Press SAVE.

    Note: Hover over the tool tips icon to the right of each notifications option for more information.

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    Sign up for automatic claims event notifications for an individual claim

    1. From the SEARCH RESULTS section in the claims dashboard, identify the claim you wish to set notifications for.
    2. Click on the GEAR icon under the ACTIONS section.
    3. From there you can SELECT ALL from the upper right-hand corner of the box, or you can check the individual events on the claim you would like to receive email notifications for.

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    Find your claim adjuster contact info

    1. From the claims dashboard, find the claim you would like to view in the search results box. Then under the ACTIONS column on the right, click the DOCUMENT icon.
    2. Click on CLAIM DETAILS.
    1. Then scroll down to find the contact information of your Claim Adjuster.

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    Using the messaging feature

    The State Fund Online messaging feature gives you the option to receive an email each time a new message or reply message is received from State Fund.

    1. To begin receiving email notifications when a claims message is sent to your State Fund Online message center, check the box at the top of the dialog box.
    2. Click SAVE. You will now receive notifications to your email inbox alerting you of a new or reply message from State Fund.

    View a Message:

    There are multiple ways to see when a new message on a claim has been received. When you log into your State Fund Online account, you’ll see the screen below. Under Search Results, the envelope icon under the ACTIONS section will show a red circle if there is an unread message for that claim.

    1. You may filter your search results by clicking on the CLAIMS WITH MESSAGES tile in the upper right.
    2. To view a message, click on the envelope icon.
    3. If the message reads “Not yet viewed” under the DATE VIEWED column on the right, you may either click on the DOWN arrow to view the message or click on the DOWNLOAD button to save to your computer.

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    To Send a Message:

    1. Click on the envelope icon with the plus sign on the top right side of the screen to compose a new message.
    2. Add a subject line, your message and any attachments you wish to send to State Fund.
    3. You can also escalate your message to notify a claim adjuster supervisor by checking the ESCALATE box. 

    Note: You may include up to 10 attachments and up to 50MB of data to a message. In the ATTACHMENTS box, you can drag and drop your file or CLICK to attach files.

    1. When you are ready to send, press the SEND button. A confirmation screen will pop up asking you to confirm your approval that the message you are sending will become a permanent item in the claim file. If you agree, press YES.
    2. You may also save your message by clicking SAVE & CLOSE or SAVE & CONTINUE.

    View Your Sent Messages:

    To view your previously sent messages, click on the SENT tab. To see if State Fund has viewed your message, refer to DATE VIEWED column on the right.

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