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Workplace Safety 101


October 12, 2023


1:00 PM Pacific Time

Are you looking to enhance your safety program to improve workplace safety for your employees and don’t know where to start? Do you want to build a positive safety culture for your business?

We've developed an educational webinar to take you through the steps in building a strong safety culture and meeting the state requirements for an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). Promoting a strong, positive safety culture is a key aspect of maintaining workplace safety.

We'll cover

  • Benefits of workplace safety
  • The nine elements of an effective IIPP
  • Safety communication and training
  • Hazard assessment and mitigation
  • Accident investigation
  • Building your safety culture
  • Our safety resources

Join us for a 40-minute presentation and Q&A session.

Our Employer Education webinars are open to all California employers
and insurance brokers.


Tony Velasquez
Tony Velasquez

Senior Loss Prevention Consultant - Safety & Health

Marcella La Rochelle
Marcella La Rochelle

Senior Loss Prevention Consultant - Safety & Health