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Workers’ Compensation for Contractors and Construction


October 03, 2023


10:00 AM Pacific Time

California construction and contractor businesses have unique insurance, employee classification, and safety requirements. In response to your industry-specific needs, we've developed an educational webinar to review the rules and regulations that apply to your business. 

We will cover

  • Construction workers’ compensation requirements and employment status determination
  • Required underwriting information for construction and contractor operations
  • Dual-wage threshold classifications
  • Payroll recordkeeping and timecard requirements
  • Waivers of subrogation and OCIP payroll segregation
  • California construction safety orders
  • Cal/OSHA posting requirements
  • Construction administrative recordkeeping requirements

Our presentation will provide you with valuable information to effectively manage your workers’ compensation program.

Join us for a 40-minute presentation and Q&A session.

Our Employer Education webinars are open to all California employers and insurance brokers.

Additional Resources

Webinar presentation slides


Vanessa Zamora
Vanessa Zamora

Executive Underwriter

Richard Chou
Richard Chou

Senior Underwriter – Los Angeles Region

Kimberly Brunson
Kimberly Brunson

Senior Payroll Auditor

Julie Lavezarri
Julie Lavezarri

Senior Loss Prevention Engineer

Denise Flatt
Denise Flatt

Loss Prevention Specialist