State Fund 2022 Annual Report

President's Letter

Our response to more than three years of disruption and change has made us an even stronger organization.

In 2022, we were proud to declare a dividend for the fourth consecutive year. We will be returning approximately $58.5 million to policyholders with a policy inception date in 2022. This is money that will go directly to the bottom lines of large and small businesses all across our state and will help them invest in their organizations by creating jobs, upgrading equipment, or paying down debt. Given the current state of economic uncertainty that many businesses face, as well as the increased cost of borrowing, this support could not come at a better time for our policyholders.

I am very proud that over the last four years State Fund has declared approximately $391.5 million in dividends in total. We also provided an additional $44 million to policyholders in the form of safety grants during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. And since our creation, we've returned well over $5 billion to our policyholders.

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Declared a dividend
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consecutive year
Achieved best
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Successfully launched
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We've been helping business owners
for more than 100 years
and we're prepared to be here for the next 100 as well.
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